Project examples

Our clients in the water resources field have included water companies, government environmental regulators, national and international food processing companies, the chemical industry and agricultural and leisure businesses.


Examples of our work include:

  • assessment of the regional impacts of historical overabstraction and subsequent aquifer recovery in the Permo-Triassic Sandstone aquifers of north and central England
  • investigation of the extent of salinity and measures to control saline intrusion into aquifers in the vicinity of the Mersey estuary and at various locations along the East Anglian coast
  • examination and analysis of the hydrochemical aspects of wells and boreholes used for public water supply and food processing water supply purposes in the Oolitic and Magnesian limestones and Chalk, Sandringham Sands and Crag aquifers
  • evidence-based assessment of the scope for raw water quality improvement at public water supply sources through changes to catchment land management
  • estimation by numerical modelling of the impact of severe droughts on surface water flows in East Anglian river
  • calculation of surface water balances and proposals for more sensitive management of surface water drainage systems of extensive marsh areas in East Anglia
  • production of licensing strategies for the environmental regulator in environmentally sensitive catchments
  • numerical modelling of groundwater to assess the effect of existing and proposed large industrial and agricultural abstractions
  • development of sustainable and innovative water supply solutions for large agribusiness in conservation sensitive areas.  Solutions involved the use of surface water and groundwater sources, water harvesting and recycling




The video shows the installation of new high voltage electricity supply cables for a factory in East Anglia.  The site was complex hydrogeologically with the cables being installed in a deep river bed trench and coffered structures on each bank.  The installation was in very high permeability shattered chalk and high and low permeability buried channel and fluvial deposits.  These and other factors created exceptional difficulties for construction work and prohibited a normal dewatering approach.  Hydrogeological analysis and initial design for the project was by LWRC, engineering and EPCM contract arrangements by Mannvit.