Contaminated Water & Land

Chemicals and other contaminants entering water courses, rivers, public drains or groundwater bodies can affect both large organisations and individual landowners.  For private companies the impact can be profound.  The source of man-made contamination varies from historical legacy contamination to accidental spillages that can occur at any time.  The environmental legislation places responsibilities on businesses to deal with contaminants that are present on their land and the directors of businesses have a duty to put in place measures to protect the continuity of their operations in the event that the business were to be affected by pollution.


Since the inception of the company in 1979 we have advised on both man-made and natural water quality issues for businesses that are dependent on private water supplies including:lwrc_contaminated water and land 1

  • dealing with natural hydrochemical issues created by careless design or construction of boreholes where multiple aquifers were intercepted during drilling work
  • design and supervision of the installation of engineered solutions to improve water quality in individual boreholes
  • provision of  ‘firefighting’ expertise when external catastrophic spillages of chemicals have occurred, for example advising on measures to control the spread of organic solvents between several pumping boreholes at a brewery affected by pollution from a nearby business
  • advice on measures to control the vertical movement of ancient saline water deep in an aquifer and on modern shallow lateral saline intrusion in coastal and estuarine areas
  • investigation of and implementation of measures to clear up historical contamination from volatile organic compounds for government and private organisations

  • investigation of deep aquifer contamination by dense non-aqueous phase liquids and mitigation measures